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At American Consultant Experts, we demand from our experts to be masters in their fields and masters in developing others as well.


At American Consultant Experts, strive for Excellence in everything we do. 


The client-focused mindset of every professional we have, and the flexible pricing structures we offer, make our ability to customize client-centric products almost endless.


At American Consultant Experts, we are strong believers in the importance of Innovation. We will continue our pursuit of innovation and creativity to ensure we stay aligned with our progressive clients.

About American Consulting Experts

American Consulting Experts is your reliable and credible partner to help you reach your organization’s Short Term and Strategic Targets. We provide modern and customized Technical, Soft Skills and Sales Training Workshops.

American Consulting Experts provides professional Consultancy Services that leads and supports Corporate Business Companies and Financial Institutions to achieve their Strategic Goals.

Company Experience

Our workshops and consultancy tasks are provided based on an extensive professional learning and delivery experience.

Our professionalism has been acquired throughout many years of training and consultancy projects that where provided to leading organizations in both private and public sectors, across the region and across several industries.


“American Consulting Experts follows a unique ‘Interactive Learning Experience’ approach where there is an absolute minimum of “formal” lecturing”.

Alan Sweidon